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There are 175 restaurants
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Volcano Shabu Shabu Buffet
77/100 (3250 ratings)
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegetarian Friendly
Sukiyaki & Shabu Shabu
"Been to this place few times. Chicken soup with additional cooking of yee mee, spring onions, fried onions and garlic, give its' taste better!..."
Chelsea Casey
"great place to hangout with buddies, nice enviroment, friendly staff and the food was damn good..."
Shahfieqah Hanum
"Well not a very picky diner but this place is what i can describe as cosy and calm. The food was great too. Free carbonated drinks and ice cream was..."
Raja Anwar Raja Abidin
"Nice place to have lazy weekend meal with family. Plenty of food and varities to go around. Kids love the ice cream and soda and ice..."
KJ Goh
"Masuk pintu terus dapat layanan yang terbaik dari staff VSS. Disambut sendiri oleh boss mereka yg sgt peramah. Dibawa ke tempat duduk yg disediakan..."
Ella Jalil
"Used to dine here before the restaurant change to buffet style. The buffet spread worth the money and the service was good and efficient. Definitely..."
Anis Ismail
"YummmmY and it's halal food..... I will recommend my muslim friends..."
Dednie Eason Yeap
"Loved the environment and excellent service from friendly staff. Price is reasonable for a steamboat buffet in Cyberjaya. Soup and chilly sauce is..."
Alice Yuen
"Price is reasonable and place is comfortable. I give it a 5 stars for the Sauce which i couldn't get it from other steamboat restaurant..."
Jessica Tan
"My family memang suka pergi restaurant ni. Especially my mom yang memang picky eater. Dia suka pelbagai pilihan yang ada disini. Yang paling best..."
Zul PesonaImage