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Kopi & Roti
91/100 (757 ratings)
Coffee & Tea
"Japanese concept coffee shop. Simple but elegent design ... nice coffee and sandwiches. I would be rating it as fine dining concept coffee..."
Buyong Batoq
"If you're looking for a relaxed light meal environment with great ambiance, you've gotta try this spot. The Premium Chocolate (be it iced or hot) -..."
Ejad Shukri
"Nice place..sesuai utk close sales kat sini.. kopi best roti best.. jom lepak.. seminggu sekali kalau xpegi xcomplete.. kdg ari2..."
Aida Suhana
"Cozy place..delicious food & drink..5 star service..very friendly..I would come again for sure.. keep your good work & food.. Very..."
Anis Nailah
"This is back to basic concept - no hanky panky fancy smashy flavour... its real coffee and real basic (yet delightful) foods. No additional fancy..."
Kylexora Aswan
"Hot mocha best. Latte caffe pon best gak. N the croissant mmg best, sedap, crunchy n rich with flavour (choose honey mustard) Staff terbaik, harga..."
محمد شهريل مد يونس
"Our favorite place... simple n cozy.. really nice food..and friendly staff... always have baguette chicken...hmm..."
Yusmafiza Yusof
"The place was nicely design and clean � Staff was really friendly. Their Premium Choc and Croissant Tuna is really to die for !!!!..."
Nur Syamira
"Nk habaq lebey2 xreti, dok besa mkn roti bakaq teloq dgn kopi O jaa kot warong ampa kena mai try la noh...sedap2 smuanya dgn ayaq ada..."
Mohd Herman
"Best food best service best environment... will come back next..."
Mat Nor Khushairi
"Great concept and nice ambience.. The meal are..."
Erny Nadiah