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Fusion cuisine: the best places to taste it in Kuala Lumpur

There are 241 restaurants
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70/100 (432 ratings)
"The food was simply amazing and delicious... We tried their Onde-Onde pastry with Vanilla Ice-Cream, Durian Pastry, Mushroom Pie, Eggyolk pastry,..."
Yoges Madhavan
"Good place to have breakfast after running in KLCC park or before going to work. I tried the egg benedict turkey, and I can say one of the delicious..."
Raka Ikrar
"Impeccable desserts and dishes on offer. We could get seats almost immediately because there were more seats for couples at the back, however larger..."
"Very recommended, fast service, food is nice, tried the cronut and the taste is beyond my expectation no wonder many ppl like it. Yall should..."
Nur Hanis
"Very nice decor and ambience, you feel like you step into one of those French style cafe. You can see the pastries and doughnuts lining up beutifully..."
Bunnyprincess Yui
"would like to make my review simple & straight to the point.(note that i went to their KLCC outlet instead)Food :..."
"i am obsessed with the salted egg yolk doughnut and cronut, not to mention that i can't find them anywhere else. other baked goods can be hits or..."
Sharifah Munirah Alhabshi
"Delicious! Pavlova with macaroon! yummy pasta! 👍👍 #DottysPasties&Cofffee #DottysPasties&Cofffee #DottysPasties&Cofffee..."
Nur Diana
"Lovely experience we had there on 16/Dec/2018. My cousin and I went to 5 cafes that whole morning because she was craving for a Pavlova. We..."
"Arrive there at 10 morning people is already queing up. Wait for around 15min to be seated which is acceptable by me. The salted egg yolk cronut is..."
"Salted Egg Yolk Croissant Doughnut very nice! You can't get at any place! But if peak hour, you need to que outside. Approx 10-20min for waiting..."
Rescha Derifa
"Tasted the Salted Egg Yolk Croissant Doughnut and Chicken Quiche along with Iced Orange Chocolate. Simply delicious. Definitely will drop by again..."
"A must visit cafe in TTDI, the ambiance in this cafe is amazing especially if you wanted a place that is Instagrammable. The pastries are to die for!..."
"Ondeh cronut was poly and ice cream doesn’t taste ice cream. But plus point would go to the matcha latte. ambience was okay but too tight..."
Loo Shayne D
"Here for the salted egg cronut and it didn’t disappoint. Very nice interior. Obviously for the upper class as the dishes aren’t cheap. The..."
"Ideally for girls hangout or maybe chill with some friends and family who basically loveee pastries and coffee. The store was kinda limited with..."
Shazlin Shafinaz
"The staffs were very friendly and even gave us a free doughnut for le kids. The kids were super active that day and very loud but they were ok with..."
Fatin Nadiah
"Been there for quite a few times already. The food is good. The place is not too crowded and the waiting time is short, considering there is a huge..."
Ana Zaffeer
"Nice ambience, food was nice too. Among all the food that we ordered, the eggwich, French toast (forgot the actual name) and the egg yolk pasta (I..."
"The salted egg cronuts are rich, decadent, and delicious. Totally worth the queue. We usually pre-order and go there to pick them up. The pastries..."
Ninja Housewife
"No doubt this is a very pastry place and a good restaurant.however, yesterday, with me having a strong eyes for details, the glass behind the..."
Mohammed Baraja
"The restaurant was a bit crowded even on weekends 😂 Despite that, i wait for my turn patiently. Luckily the staff was friendly! 🤗 The ambient..."
Fatihah Saadiqin
"Great environment and ambience. Their famous salted egg cronut was just average and their pandan croissant tasted so much better. Cakes and croissant..."
Jia Xin Lai
"When your sweet tooth calls or literally demands and says "Gimme some SUGAR! Answer it by heading over to TTDI 's neighbourly Dotty's. There's..."
"Tried the often hyped salted egg yolk Cronut. Maybe for others it would have tasted good but I didn't like it because tasted a little blehhh after..."
Gayathri Menon
"Pretty environment and really friendly staffs here 😍😍😍 food was nice and the pastries are the bomb!! should definitely try the soft shell..."
Ee-Lyn Yap
"Heaven for pastries lovers. Perfect place to hang out for hi-tea or even for 1st date 😉 Staffs are friendly. Quite a small space and tables..."
"I have nothing to say... Dotty's will always have a special place in my heart ❤❤❤Every time I visit the place the cronuts will always be..."
Aufa Mardhiah
"Nice to see, nice to eat...great place to spend time...Tried their Baked Egg, Salted Caramel Doughnut....and Long Black....and others I can't..."
Neol Too
"Bayangkan anda sedang menikmati secangkir kopi panas bersama dengan sepotong kek ataupun croissant di sekitar bandaraya Paris sambil melihat..."
"On the downside, the prices are pretty high for pastries. On the upside, DAMN DO THEY TASTE GOOD 😍😍Had the salted egg yolk cronut 3 days..."
Darryl Quah
"Came here for tea and had the Salted Egg Yolk Croissant Doughnut.Super sinful yummy-ness!Sweet salted egg yolk sauce drizzled over and..."
Eugene The Great
"It all begin with our morning plan to meet-up with a childhood friend who is back in town. We randomly picked a cafe in TTDI area and it fell on a..."
Sophina Chong
"The staffs were very friendly. It's a recommended place for Cronut although I find the salted egg yolk Cronut was too rich for me. Keep up the good..."
Nurul Hidayah
"Coffee was fine. Had an apple strudel - flavour good but filling was dry chunks of apple and pastry thick, rather than flaky. Service ok by..."
"Came here for the salted egg croissant doughnut. And i can tell you. Its really really nice! A must try. The service is good even though they are..."